Universal Match Rimfire Rifle

20200510_144902Introducing the new Universal Match Rimfire Rifle system, the “little brother” of the very successful Universal Match Rifle system, the UMRR has all the features of its big brother and is identical in size so it’s possible to have your centerfire and rimfire rifles set up exactly alike.

The UMRR can be easily configured to NRL or NRA rimfire competitions by just changing the attachments, the UMRR is built on the excellent Tikka T1x platform that’s been accurized and bonded into the UMRR chassis system, it feeds flawlessly from the Tikka 10 round magazine and is available in two basic configurations but each can be customized to your specifications;

The Sport-Target version, uses the factory 20″ Tikka barrel with threaded muzzle that has been set back and re chambered so the bullet will engrave the rifling, which increases the precision of the rifle significantly and the excellent Tikka trigger that has been tuned to a pull weight of 1 pound, it’s a great choice as an XTC/LR prone trainer or NRL competition rifle at very reasonable cost.

The Match-Target version comes with a top of the line Benchmark match barrel and Eley match chamber with the muzzle configured for your application to accept a front sight, tuner, or threaded, there are several aftermarket single or two stage match triggers available

20200510_143937The Sport-Target with factory Tikka barrel and trigger is capable of sub MOA precision




The Match Target with Benchmark match barrel is capable of competing at the highest level, shown, 50 meter sling targets and Lapua test center results 20 shots, 50 meters, 10.52 average score

All the UMRS attachments will fit the UMRR, handstop, rear balance weights, picatinny accessory rail, Arca accessory rail, rear bag rider and front bag riding attachments make the UMRR a true multi discipline system

Pricing configured for your application;

UMRR Sport-Target  – $1850

UMRR Match-Target – $2550

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