Introducing the Universal Match Rifle System, a rifle system designed to be easily converted to many different competition disciplines, by changing a few attachments it’s possible to have a top of the line NRA Highpower rifle, Palma Rifle, or PRS tactical competition rifle at very reasonable cost

The core of the system is a custom action manufactured to our specifications by Pierce Engineering, the action and all it’s components (except the firing pin spring) have a hard, corrosion resistant and slick black nitride finish, the magazine opening will accept AICS or AIAW magazines, each one is individually hand tuned to be as smooth and easy to operate as possible

The UMRS chassis system is a very rigid and lightweight modular design,  the scope rail has 20MOA angle, and is securely attached to the action with three #10 screws and two dowel pins, the fully indexable forend is attached to a threaded steel cup clamped between the action and barrel shoulder, the action is permanently bonded into the action sleeve for the highest possible accuracy potential, this does not interfere in any way with fitting a barrel or servicing the trigger, the 5 way adjustable buttstock is easily detached for compact transport and cleaning, it’s finished in a durable and attractive mil spec titanium anodized finish (optional Cerakote finish available)

The UMRS can be configured in several versions by selecting various forend, buttstock, and magazine well options, video link below

Universal Match Rifle configuration


Allen Thomas (right) wins first place Any rifle and Gary Eliseo (left) second place Any Rifle at the 2019 BSWN matches using their Universal Match Rifles

52427906_10155888672916994_4030074024083062784_n (1)

Bob Gill used his UMRS to win the 2018 NRA Midrange National Campionships with an amazing score of 2199-159x, Outstanding!


Allen Thomas used his UMRS to win the 2018 Berger Southwest Nationals sling grand aggregate! Well done!

allen thomas

Available attachments which are easily changed;

Ergo handstop (properly designed to maximize comfort while sling shooting)                       $65


Picatinny forend accessory rail with sling cup (for attaching a bipod or tripod and sling) $40

acc rail

Rear bag rider, adjustable for height and angle                                                                            $40

bag rider

Rear balance weight stack (adds up to 1 pound to the rear of the rifle to help balance the rifle for offhand shooting)                                                                                                              $25

Barrel nut socket tool , only needed if you’re fitting a “remmage” style barrel                        $40

The UMRS comes with your choice of magazine well/lower units:

AICS/AIAW magazine lower unit

rts lower

R5 magazine  lower unit uses CMI proprietary 5 round magazines designed specifically to perfectly feed the BR, BRX, Dasher

r5 lower

Single shot lower unit with cartridge follower

r1 lower

UMRS includes your choice of a high quality cut rifled Brux or button rifled Benchmark stainless barrel in the short action chambering of your choice and your choice of a  Jewell, or Bix n Andy trigger



Basic UMRS Highpower rifle, includes your choice of barrel/chambering, lower/magwell unit, Jewell trigger, ergo handstop and rear balance weights                                            $3550 (B&A 2 stage trigger +$250)

Basic UMRS PRS rifle, includes your choice of barrel/chambering, lower/magwell unit, ambidextrous cheekpiece, Jewell trigger, rear bag rider, forward picatinny accessory rail                                                                                                                                                    $3550 (threaded muzzle +$80) (B&A 2 stage trigger +$250)


  1. I’m not a gunsmith, but was wondering with the action in the receiver, does it still mount up to a lathe? For threading barrel/ headspacing/ etc to action.


      1. Perfect. I’m looking to put a small light bipod on it for strapped in prone shooting. Can you send me a link email or comments. Thanks


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